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22 January 2020 @ 07:50 pm

Here it is!! The Fanfic Archive I promised ~ You’ll find everything in here  (´ω`★) . . .


Sadie/ Dir en Grey

Title: F*ck the System
Genre: Angst, Sex, Romance
Pairing(s): Kyo x Mao/ Mao x Kyo
WARNINGS: Sex, angry making out, arguing, bad language, sick Kyo (;3;)
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: "Mao can't stand Kyo's egotistical and self-centered attitude once his vocal chords decide to fail under pressure. It's only when they end up in a full blown argument that they realise their passion for each other is like no one else's..."

(Fuck the System)

Title: 副業 [Sideline]
Genre: Angst, Comfort, Romance, 1st Person.
Pairing(s): Kyo x Mao/ Mao x Kyo
WARNINGS: Mild self harm and references to rape.
Rating: R
Synopsis: "Kyo comforts Mao after his lover struggles to deal with his recurring nightmares..."

(副業/ Sideline)

The GazettE/ Sadie

Title: Disillusioned Tomorrow
Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama, Comfort, Grief.
Pairing(s): Ruki x Mao/ Mao x Ruki
WARNINGS: Contains strong language, grief, character death, reference to suicide, lots of crying chibis (;3;)
Rating: R
Synopsis: "When Ruki's brother dies, he struggles to come to terms with his suicide, swallowing himself up into another kind of grief he can't control. He struggles to let anyone in... even Mao..."

(Disillusioned Tomorrow)

Alice Nine


Title: F*** Buddies
Genre: Smut, humour, romance, 1st person
Pairing(s): Tora x Hiroto/ Hiroto x Tora
WARNINGS: Sex, foreplay, language, dry humping, etc.
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: "At the end of a hard day at work, Hiroto knows he can rely on Tora for a night of mindless passion. A.k.a... his fuck buddy..."

(Fuck Buddies)

Dir En Grey


Title: Ever Wondered What It's Like To Have Sex With Kyo?
Genre: Romance, sex, angst, reader participation
Pairing(s): Kyo x Yourself/ Yourself x Kyo
WARNINGS: Sex, fingering... sharing intimate moments with Kyo, imagining this is you *cough*
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Imagine what it would be like to be held, touched, kissed, comforted by... none other than Kyo from Dir en Grey

(Ever Wondered What It's Like To Have Sex With Kyo?)

Title: Lyrical Humiliation
Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairing(s): Die x Kyo/ Kyo x Die
WARNINGS: Boy x Boy, swearing, sick Kyo (; ;)
Rating: PG/R
Synopsis: "Kyo is at an all time low after his vocal chords cave in and one of their first performances on stage ends in humiliation. But Die knows exactly what Kyo needs to pick himself back up again..."

(Lyrical Humiliation)

The GazettE


Title: 10 Songs, 10 Drabbles
Genre: All sorts
Pairings: Quite . . . a few xD
Rating: Hmm, ranges from PG - NC-17
WARNINGS: Sex, death, corpses . . . some really random and crazy happenings xD

(10 Songs, 10 Drabbles)

Title: Rebound
Genre: Romance, angst, 1st person narrative etc.
Pairing(s): Uruha x Reita/ Reita x Uruha
WARNINGS: Other than smexy boy x boy, nothing really.
Rating: PG
Synopsis: "One train ride was all I needed. To take me to you. To the acid that poisons me, yet the life that completes me . . ." 


Title: Love vs. The Unwanted
Genre: Romance, angst
Pairing(s): Uruha x Aoi/ Aoi x Uruha
WARNINGS: Tender themes
Rating: G
Synopsis: "Would you love me if I were different.... Would you love me if I stayed the same? If the answer is yes, my dear Kouyou, then why the hell am I even asking?"  

(Love vs. The Unwanted)


Title: Stay With Me
Genre: Romance, Angst, Sex (brief), violence (brief)
Pairing(s): Uruha/ Kai, Kai/ Uruha
WARNINGS: Indications of sex/ desire to have sex, extremely brief description of fingering/ sexual activity, indications of suicidal thoughts/ character depression, language etc.
Rating: R 
Synopsis: 'Nothing Kai could do could help his parents now; to them he was nothing more than a shadow. Perhaps they blamed him for the arguing, the deterioration of their relationship due to his rebellious phase. It was that that made Kai fill up with guilt all the more, but Uruha was the only one that ever told him it was never his fault and they were in the wrong . . . "

(Stay With Me)

Title: Take It All Away
Genre: Romance, Dark, Character Death, 1st Person
Pairing(s): Aoi x Uruha/ Uruha x Aoi
WARNINGS: Contains brief strong language, character death, elements of self harm/ suicide. Rating: R/NC-17
Synopsis: "He just couldn't live without him . . ."

(Take It All Away)

Title: Until Forever
Genre: Angst, romance, self-harm, 1st person narrative
Pairing(s): Uruha x Kai/ Kai x Uruha
WARNINGS: Self-harm, child abandonment, boy/boy relationship
Rating: R
Synopsis: "A child should never have to lose a parent . . ."

(Until Forever)

Title: Enemy of Art, Absence of Limitations
Genre: Drama, angst, violence . . . etc. I can't list any more or else I'll give it away xD
Pairing(s): Reita x Kai/ Kai x Reita
WARNINGS: Strong language, violence, murder
Rating: PG
Synopsis: "Would you ever act differently if put in an impossible situation? . . ."

(Enemy of Art, Absence of Limitations)

Title: Sunsets and Sunrises
Genre: Romantic, comedy (in parts), fluffy (?) 1st person narrative
Pairing(s): Reita x Kai/ Kai x Reita
WARNINGS: Boy x boy, sexual imagery, strong language
Rating: R
Synopsis: "'I hate holidays . . .' Kai can't bring himself to enjoy his summer vacations abroad, especially with a divorced, overprotective mother and his childish older brother, Aoi. But all that changes with a sunset and a stranger with a band on his nose . . ."

(Sunsets and Sunrises)

Title: No Future
Genre/ Elements: Angst, Character death, Blindness, Euthanasia
Pairing(s): Kai x Aoi, Aoi x Kai (brief) Reita/Kai (Uruha gets a cameo XD)
WARNINGS: Euthanasia, death,
Rating: R (ish)
Synopsis: "Kai is only fifteen when his class is involved in a tragic accident; with life changing consequences. Reita, his only brother and remaining family, tries to find the strength to encourage Kai to keep living . . . for both of them . . ."

(No Future)

Title: Dear Dad
Genre: Angst, sex, romance,
Pairing(s): Reita x Kai/ Kai x Reita
WARNINGS: Boy x boy relationship, sex, blow job, angst, broken family relationship.
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: "Dear Dad . . . Was I an accident?"
Summary: Kai struggles to address his family problems . . . Can Reita make him see what's missing?

(Dear Dad)

Title: In the Line of Duty
Genre: Romance, comfort, angst, 1st person narrative
Pairing(s): Kai x Reita/ Reita x Kai
WARNINGS: Boy x Boy relationships, foreplay, sexual content (mild),
Rating: PG Synopsis: "It's in your line of duty to love your family. It's in your line of duty to be a soldier. But is it part of protocol to break their hearts? And cause them more pain than you ever intend?"

(In the Line of Duty)

Title: 74 Seconds to Heartbreak
Genre: Romance, angst,
Pairing(s): Uruha x Kai/ Kai x Uruha
WARNINGS: Boy x Boy relationships, strong language.
Rating: PG
Synopsis: "1 minute 14 seconds. That was Yutaka's estimated time. The time he had left until his heart was broken."

(74 Seconds to Heartbreak)

Title: An Apple A Day...
Genre: Romance, sex, fluff(ish)
Pairing(s): Kai x Ruki/ Ruki x Kai
WARNINGS: Strong language, scenes of a sexual nature, blowjob, Seme Kai xD
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: "Ruki hates being sick. Even more so when Kai insists on fussing over him hand and foot. Kai's home remedies may be good but can Ruki prepare himself for what else the drummer has in store? . . ."

(An Apple A Day...)

Title: Cookies and Cobwebs
Genre: Fluff, humour, romance, 1st person narrative etc.
Pairing(s): Reita x Kai/ Kai x Reita
WARNINGS: Strong language, sexual imagery, boy x boy actionnnnnn~~
Rating: PG-13/R
Synopsis: "When a bedtime bug prevents Kai from sleeping, he knows there's one neighbour he can rely on . . ."

(Cookies and Cobwebs)

Title: Naked Ambition
Genre: Romance, humour, fluff, 1st person narrative etc.
Pairing(s): Kai x Aoi/ Aoi x Kai (with Ruki appearing)
WARNINGS: Strong language, nakedness (clue in the title?? xD), sexual banter, boy x boy etc. Rating: R
Synopsis: "All Kai wanted to do was surprise his lover. Unfortunately it turns out a lot worse than he predicted . . ."

(Naked Ambition)

Title: Darkness of Perspective
Genre: Romance, angst, 1st person narrative etc.
Pairing(s): Reita x Kai/ Kai x Reita
WARNINGS: Mention of attempted suicide, dark imagery, depression boy x boy relationships, Rating: PG
Synopsis: "People say perspective is everything . . ."

(Darkness of Perspective)

Title: Extra Tuition 
Genre: Romance, fluff, smut etc.
Pairing(s): Kai x Aoi 
WARNINGS: Boy x boy, strong language, sex, teacher x student, rape-age xD
Rating: R/NC-17
"I'm so sorry . . . but I think I'm in love with you . . ."

(Extra Tuition) 

Title: Trick or Treat
Genre: Horror, suspense, thriller, action, comedy, fluff, smut, romance, 1st person narrative etc.
Pairing(s): Uruha x Aoi/ Aoi x Uruha (main) Reita x Kai/ Kai x Reita (main) Ruki x Kai/Kai x Ruki, Aoi x Reita/ Reita x Aoi, Kai x Ruki x Uruha etc. (Shou from Alice Nine gets a cameo xD)
WARNINGS: Sex, strong language, horror, dark imagery, threesomes, boy x boy etc.
Rating: R/ NC-17
Synopsis: "Kai and his friends get one hell of a ride when their plans to go Trick or Treat'ing ends in something much more sinister . . ."

(Trick or Treat)

Title: Issues
Genre: Angst, romance, 1st person etc.
Pairing(s): Kai x Aoi/ Aoi x Kai
WARNINGS: Strong language, personal, dark themes
Rating: R
Synopsis: "Although I let you take my heart... why does it hurt so much to love you?"


Title: Morbidity
Genre: Euthanasia, drama, dark themes, death, self harm, 1st person narrative, etc.
Pairing(s): Reita/ Ruki Ruki/ Reita (w/ Kai :3)
WARNINGS: Euthanasia, themes of death, strong language, boy x boy, self harm, depression, sadism etc. Rating: NC-17 *Mature Audiences only please*
Synopsis: "If you had the chance to choose when you would die, how would you plan your final moments? With your family? Or with the stranger who agreed to end your life? . . ."


Title: Under The Mistletoe
Genre: Romance, fluff, M-Preg, 1st person narrative etc.
Pairings(s): Kai x Aoi/ Aoi x Kai Uruha x Reita/ Reita x Uruha
WARNINGS: Boy x boy relationships, Ruki dressed as an elf... male impregnation D: *shot*
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Kai is devastated when Aoi can't be home for Christmas. Luckily his friends are here to help him spend Christmas Eve...

(Under The Mistletoe)

Title: Memories
Genre: Romance, angst, incest
Pairing(s): Uruha x Reita/ Reita x Uruha
WARNINGS: Grief, hint at incest, boy x boy
Rating: PG-15
Synopsis: "Kouyou and Akira can't seem to break free of their grim surroundings at their Grandma's funeral. But what will they discover as their memories of the past begin to unfold?"


Title: Love & Resentment
Genre: Romance, angst, 1st person
Pairing(s): Kai x Uruha/ Uruha x Kai, Uruha x Aoi/ Aoi x Uruha (brief)
WARNINGS: Strong language, serious make-out-age ^^"
Rating: R
Synopsis: "He told me I wasn't the only one he'd fallen in love with. That we couldn't be together anymore. Now, sitting in a cafe all alone, waiting for him to arrive, I prayed I could change his mind..."

(Love & Resentment)

Title: Insomnia 
Genre: Romance, angst, character death, grief, 1st person,
Pairing(s): Reita x Kai/ Kai x Reita, Kai x Uruha/ Uruha x Kai
WARNINGS: Character death, sexual references ^^"
Rating: PG-15
Synopsis: "Ever since he's been gone, I haven't been able to sleep. Not been able to think about anything else but him. I know Kouyou's in love with me and I'm trying so hard to show I love him too but... why is it that I keep wishing it was Akira lying next to me instead?"


Title: Bend Him (Backwards)
Genre: Humour, sex, romance
Pairing(s): Kai/ Ruki, Kai/Ruki/Reita
WARNINGS: Sex, boy x boy, foreplay, blow job, threesome, strong language,
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: "Ever since Reita bought Ruki a Futurama DVD box-set for Christmas, Kai is livid that he pays more attention to the TV than he does him. With a little (unexpected) help from Reita, Kai helps kick things into motion..."

(Bend Him Backwards)

Title [E]X Marks the Spot
Genre: Angst, Romance, Comfort, Drama
Pairing(s): Uruha/ Ruki (past), Uruha x Kai, Reita x Ruki/ Ruki x Reita (implied), Uruha x Byou [SCREW] (hinted)
WARNINGS: Swearing, sexual references, break-ups, crying chibi (;3;)
Rating: PG/ R
Synopsis: "When Uruha left Ruki heartbroken, Ruki knew he had to learn to let go if he had any hope of moving on. The only problem is, he's still very much in love; even if it's with a man who has constantly hurt him time and time again. Can Ruki ever learn to let go? And will Uruha's new confession lead him to do just that...?"

([E]X Marks the Spot)

Title: New Revelations [Sequel to [E]X Marks the Spot]
Genre: Drama, Angst, Comedy, Romance
Pairing(s): Uruha x Ruki (past), Uruha x Kai, Ruki x Reita (implied), Ruki x Kyo [Dir en Grey] (mentioned)
WARNINGS: Swearing, mentions of sex, break-ups... more crying chibi's (;3;)
Rating: R
Synopsis: "Falling in love is the easiest thing in the world. Falling out of it however... is something Ruki doesn't think he can face..."

(New Revelations)

Title: Nostalgia
Genre: Angst, Sex, Romance, M-Preg, OC
Pairing(s): Ruki x Reita/ Reita x Ruki
WARNINGS: Mild sex scene, mentions of M-Preg, features own character
Rating: PG
Synopsis: "It was strange... seeing his and Ruki's first home together become nothing more than wooden floorboards, dried up wallpaper, and their belongings materialised into cardboard boxes... He soon found that this was their home; to which their memories were carved in... and that it was going to be hard to leave it..."


Title: The Passion of a Romanticist
Genre: Angst, Drama, Slice of Life, Romance etc.
Pairing(s): Hinted Reita x Kai/ Kai x Reita, Kai x OC
WARNINGS: Strong language, depression
Rating: PG/ R
Synopsis: "Kai feels his life is at nothing more than a huge downfall. His love life is in shatters, his career going places he'd rather it didn't, his family are warped in their own self-centered lives and Kai feels he has nowhere to go. What will it take for him to figure out how to turn his life around?"

(The Passion of a Romanticist)

Title: Night Shift
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama, tiny bit of fluff ^^
Pairing(s): Ruki x Reita/ Reita x Ruki
WARNINGS: Mild sex, boy x boy, witnessing death,
Rating: PG
Synopsis: "Ruki, awake from another night of insomnia, finds himself taking the midnight bus to the hospital; a journey that forces him to witness life-changing circumstances..."

(Night Shift)

Title: Use Me
Genre: Romance, Sex, Comfort, Angst.
Pairing(s): Ruki x Aoi/ Aoi x Ruki, Aoi x OC/ OC x Aoi
WARNINGS: Sex, boy x boy, a scene of violence
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: "Ruki and Aoi are a pair of messed up strangers stuck experiencing the horrors of everyday life they cannot escape. The only thing they have is each other... and tonight they needed each other more than ever..."

(Use Me)

Chaptered Fics


Title: Whispers of Children
Genre: Romance, angst, mental illness, 1st person narrative (more to add as story progresses)
Pairing/(s): Aoi x Reita/ Reita x Aoi. Kai x Uruha/ Uruha x Kai/ Reita x Kai (one-sided)
WARNINGS: Strong language, depression, mental illness, (more to add as story progresses)
Rating: R (subject to change)
Synopsis: "I moved away to escape my past. The ocean washed away my fears. The quiet silenced my heart. No one can know. No one. And Yuu . . . that includes you . . ."

(Prologue) | (Chapter One) | (Chapter Two) | (Chapter Three) | (Chapter Four) | (Chapter Five) | (Chapter Six) | (Chapter Seven)


Title: Sight For The Sore Eyes
Genre: Romance, Angst, Sex,
Pairing(s): Aoi x Kai/ Kai x Aoi/ Uruha x Aoi/ Aoi x Uruha
WARNINGS: Contains strong language, boy on boy relationships, scenes of a sexual nature etc. Rating: R/ NC-17
Synopsis: "What would you do if you had a choice? The person you cared about the most? Or the stranger who saved you from the pain? . . "

(Chapter 1) | (Chapter 2) | (Chapter 3)

Title: Blind Romance
Genre: Romance, supernatural, strange, thrilling
Pairing(s): Uruha x Aoi/ Aoi x Uruha
WARNINGS: Boy x boy relationships, sex, language, character death etc.
Rating: R/ NC-17
Synopsis: "When there's no one there to love you, you can always count on a stranger . . ."

(Chapter 1) | (Chapter 2) | (Chapter 3) | (Chapter 4) | (Chapter 5 Part A) | (Chapter 5 Part B) |(Chapter 6) | (Chapter 7) | (Chapter 8) | (Chapter 9 Part A) | (Chapter 9 Part B) | (Chapter 9 Part C) | (Chapter 10) | (Epilogue Part 1)  | (Epilogue Part 2)


Title: The Price Of Fame
Genre: Romance, Sex, some humour
Pairing(s): Aoi x Uruha/ Uruha x Aoi
WARNINGS: Boy x boy, sex, romantic scenes, strong language etc.
Rating: R
Synopsis: "Not everyone gets close to the star they adore. For Aoi, he's closer than he thinks . . ."

(Chapter 1) | (Chapter 2 Part A) | (Chapter 2 Part B) | (Chapter 3) | (Chapter 4)  | (Chapter 5) ~ (Chapter 6) ~ (Chapter 7) | (Chapter 8) | (Chapter 9)

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