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18 January 2015 @ 02:44 pm
Hello lovelies!! And a wonderful Happy New Year to you!

As wonderful as 2015 is, your two lovely writers, in charge of the spectacular Christmas fic series we had planned, had what can only be described as a truly horrible 2014 Christmas (yes, that really isn't an understatement) <3.

So, after a meeting, we have decided that our Plan B would be to make the fic stretch into becoming a Valentines Day special, rather than ending on New Year. We hope that's okay with all of you ^^ With everything that happened over the holidays, neither of us would've been able to write a single page. And for that, we hope you can forgive us <3

So this is another message to say keep watching this space for more updates on it; and we both hope you had a very lovely Christmas and New Year (^3^)

Speak soon cuties!

~ Emi
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Title: Christmas Anxiety
Author(s): sorrowofanangel & chinfluffhanaji
Genre: Lots of Christmas fluff, a dash of humour & a sprinkle of romance
Beta: chinfluffhanaji
Band(s): The GazettE, Sadie, lynch., Dir en grey(?)
Pairings(s): Aoi x Uruha/ Uruha x Aoi, Mao x Hazuki, Ruki x Reita (more to follow!)
WARNINGS: Language, boy x boy (you get the gist :3)
Rating: PG - R
DISCLAIMER: No, of course I don't own these lovely boys. If I did, I would have Mao in a bunny suit by now~ (///3///)
Synopsis:"It's Christmas in Tokyo, and everyone is feeling festive... or not. Some detest the Christmas cheer, others embrace it. One thing is for certain though - it's going to be a Christmas that they each will never forget..."
Notes: There are roughly going to be around 4 parts to this: each with a different pairing/ situation and/or dipping in between all of them. All we ask is that you go along for the ride, and enjoy your share of fluff we bring you this Christmas (^3^)

Music ~ A heap ton of Christmas songs ❆

BEFORE YOU READ THIS: Please head on over to chinfluffhanaji's exciting first instalment!! *squeeeal!* CLICK HERE ---> http://chinfluffhanaji.livejournal.com/26899.html

"I see you've been handling baubles you shouldn't have..."Collapse )
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07 December 2014 @ 01:32 pm
Hello dearies!

It's been a while huh? (^^; ) Sooo hello! How are you all?? (>w<)

Just passing by (again) to tell you that the wonderful chinfluffhanaji and I are working on a Christmas collaboration for you guys to celebrate the holidays!! (And us writing again rofl) <3

It's been far too long and we're incredibly excited already! Everything is currently a working progress, but we think you'll all be very pleased with the outcome <3

Stay tuned for moreeeeee~~ (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

~ Emi
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12 April 2014 @ 08:11 pm

Wow... so this looks a little dead hehe! I wonder who's still around here..? (O?O)

Anyway! I haven't been here for a bit ~ let's say life got in the way. (I can blame life, right? Yeah~ let's roll with that!) and so I just wanted to drop by and see how this place was doing because hey, I kinda got a little story in the works, and I was thinking to maybe share it here with all of you lovely folk that still hang around (*^^*)

And even if hardly anybody reads it, I'll still upload it here because I kinda miss my LJ hehe (>w<)

Sooooo~~ new fic in the works~ not sure where it's going to go so I can't give out details just yet but I hope that any that will read it enjoy it (^3^)

.. And I've missed writing for you all <3

Jaa ne!

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13 July 2013 @ 09:50 pm
So~ my lovelies.

Also, hello LJ (^^; )

Right. Whispers of Children as you know has been loooooong due for an update and I promise you I'm working on it as best as I can.

I got a new laptop recently because my other one was dying & I've spent the last 2 weeks transferring all of my old files and... sadly my old laptop decides it wants to corrupt my USB stick.

So I have actually lost about half of the new chapter I've been working on for WofC ;A;

I'm sorry lovelies! I'm working on it as fast as possible! In the mean time my inspiration may cook up something fresh for you soon!!

Hope you're all okay!! *rolls away~~~* <3333

I've also removed my "entry: best friendy" tag because fuck people who don't care about you anymore~

That is all (^^; )
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